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  • 02 May 2019
    What They Dont Tell You When Wedding Shopping

    Buying a wedding dress or gown is not as simple as trying on two or three dresses before settling on the one that ‘speaks to you’. It is actually more tasking than what they show on ‘Say Yes To The Dress’. A lot of work goes into getting the right dress, the right accessories and the right shoes. Here are a few pointers about things that people don’t tell you when it comes to wedding shopping.

    First, remember the golden rule, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Don’t shop on a hungry stomach. Hunger makes you angry and antsy and you may not make the best decision on an empty stomach.

     Secondly, limit the number of people you go dress shopping with. You can take one or two of your closest friends and your mother or sister. This way you will be able to choose something that is best suited to your taste without feeling too much pressure.

    The next important point is to remember to shop for your body type. Concentrate more on a gown or dress that flatters your frame and less on your weight. This way, you will be able to get a dress that makes you feel good about yourself while flattering your shape at the same time. If you consider yourself 'plus size' then you can find plus size wedding dresses (and even bridesmaid dresses) from the store found here. A lot of women make the mistake of being fixated on one design and this makes them end up resenting their wedding photos because they were not comfortable in the outfit they chose in the first place.

    When you find ‘the one’, be sure to move around the store a little because you will be doing quite a number of things in the ceremony. You will sit down, walk around to mingle with your guests and also, dance. You need to make sure you will be comfortable in the dress and shoes you choose.

    Be prepared to meet another bride or brides that may be interested in the same dress you are. Let’s face it, you are not the only one planning a summer wedding and chances are high that you might meet a woman wearing a dress you had not even considered and seeing her in it will make you want to try it on as well. Don’t turn into Bridezilla, instead play nice. Share the mirrors and the pedestals. You will have a much easier time at the salon.

    Remember to step out of your comfort zone. A good number of brides if not all of them have this fantasy of having the dress of their dreams but hey, sometimes, you can't find the exact dress that you are after. Remember that you can always have a custom wedding dress made up, you can find more information about custom made dresses on this page. You will be surprised that it can be more affordable than you might initially think and will make sure your dress matches your expectations.

    Finally, buy your accessories after getting the dress. Things like shoes, veils and jewellery should all come later rather than before buying your wedding dress or gown. This will ensure that you are the glamorous, flawless bride you always wanted to be instead of a confused one who looks like she got all her stuff from a lost and found.

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