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Tips For Finding The Perfect Food Platter

Don't you enjoy going to parties? As a host, however, preparing for a party is a hectic duty. You will have to clean up before and after the party, do the dishes, cooking and mix cocktails. Fortunately, there are numerous shortcuts you can take to attain an appealing meal quickly. The most outstanding is the food platter. When you have the required ingredients and a strategic position, food platters are so easy to set. Besides, most will save you cooking time and energy.

Prioritise on the Quality

Like any other food, when making your party platter, don’t go cheap and forget that quality matter. With quality, your source of the ingredients comes to mind. However, it's not that you have to prepare your crisps from scratch or buy the most expensive crackers.

Your local market will do the trick for you. There, you will be able to get fresh products at affordable costs. Buy the fruits and vegetables you require. You can also get a few seeded crackers and cheese. However, you can also get to the boutique grocery to buy the items you didn't find in the market.

Ensure It’s Colourful

Everyone eats with the eyes first. You will find it hard to convince yourself to eat food, which isn't appealing. Hence, ensure your food platter is colourful by giving it a visual lift using fruits and adding some floral arrangements around the food. Take a look at some of the grazing tables on this page and you can see how they arrange their grazing tables with wonderful colours to suit the occasion and the food being served. When colours make the food stand out, it makes it look far more appetising. 

Groups Your Ingredients

Instead of clumping every ingredient on your board, you could make the food platter more appealing by grouping them. For instance, you could group in threes and ensure each group has every ingredient. You can let spaces do the partitioning. You should keep each size small such that one can take about two bites at most.

Be Mindful of the Weather

During summer, your platter full of expensive ingredients can wilt within no time. You could buy a more robust cheese to prevent it from quickly sweating and spiting. You could also use a smaller platter. All the other ingredients could remain in the fridge until you need it. The weather and location of the event may also be a factor on whether you are after a grazing table or a grazing box. The benefits of a grazing box or grazing board are that they are portable and easy to setup no matter the conditions, click here for more information about what's included in a typical grazing box.

Add some Drinks

You can make your drink and add it to your platter. Mix vermouth, grape juice, and add fruits and ice. You can make it into a DIY spritz cocktail by adding proseccos.

Besides, it gives your guests the freedom to make it as concentrated as they like it. The secret to making your cocktail delicious is in finding balance. Vermouth has different tastes; thus, you should mix it up to make something sweet. Adding fruits can help give flavour to the fruits.


Cheese comes in four types; there is the softer cheesy type, blue cheese, harder cheddars and semi-hard cheese. The hard cheese is the best for food platters. It’s because most in strips; hence, they are easier to hand-pick and eat. Conversely, soft cheese has a strong smell. You should ensure your guests are ready for the challenge before serving it. Also, you should serve it in the open air as the smell can be so strong. The blue mold is acidic but enhances taste; hence, they can keep your guest happy.